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The Old Plantation Water Control District (OPWCD) is an independent special-purpose local government (Special District) providing surface water management for approximate 10,000 acres within the City of Plantation in Broward County, Florida. The OPWCD boundary is the City of Sunrise to the north, on the west the Old Hiatus Road adjacent SFWMD C-42 waterway, on the south by State Road 84 adjacent to SFWMD N. River Canal and to the east by the Florida Turnpike.

The OPWCD was created on November 19, 1946 by an act of the Florida Legislature and operates under the authority of Chapter 298, Florida Statues, to provide surface water management improvements and services to support the development of this portion of Broward County which became the City of Plantation. As a special district, the landowners within the boundaries pay a proportionate share of the cost for the services they receive from OPWCD.

OPWCD activities include issuing permits for various types of construction. All property within the District is subject to the rules adopted by OPWCD.

OPWCD is not responsible for mosquito control, solid waste, street signs, roads or potable water/sewage.

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